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To Whom It May Concern.

I have been working in partnership with the apprenticeship training provider Hampshire Apprenticeship Hairdressing Academy (HaHa) since 2010. The partnership has included HaHa providing post 16 Intermediate apprenticeship opportunities for our post 16 students, delivering workshops at careers fairs and support for our Fashion Rocks event with apprentices provided to undertake the hair and make-up necessary for the students taking part.

September 2013 saw the partnership strengthen further with HaHa providing the training for our Hair & Beauty offsite link course for Year 9 and 10 students.

Over the past 3 years the area that has the biggest impact for our students has been the post 16 intermediate apprenticeships. For example a brief case study of Student A who was a poor attender reaching only 61% attendance in Year 10 and with support 83% in Year 11 and required support for both her learning and her behaviour. Having left statutory education with the minimum core subjects of 4 GCSE’s gaining 2 C’s a D and an E she successfully completed her intermediate apprenticeship training with HaHa. She gained her NVQ2 in and Functional skills in Maths.

Of all the students that have destinations of intermediate apprenticeship turning with HaHa all have progressed on to an advanced apprenticeship and have continued their training with HaHa.

This is a testament to the hard work and support all the trainers and staff of HaHa provide for the young people on their training programmes.

I would be more than happy to discuss further should the need arise.

Yours Faithfully

Ms Vicky Hall Employer Engagement & CEIAG Manager.

Training Centre of Excellence – Testimony
By Danielle Flippence – Treat Your Skin Salon, Havant

Award winning training academy HAHA is well recognised for its unique training and high achieving hairdressing standards.

HAHA is in my opinion is the most recommended academy in the area, covering a wide range of skills for a successful stylist.

They reached expectations by delivering the finest education possible and providing us with ongoing care and support along each journey with them.

Danielle Flippence
Treat Your Skin Salon, Havant

Statement from Peter Gibbs Director at Head Romance.

Re: HAHA Training – Training Academy of the Year

I could not think of a better training provider to get this award. HAHA have always delivered there promises and more. My team are what they are today because of HAHA’s motivated training approach. When you run a busy successful salon it is vital that you pick the right training academy to send your apprentices too. I have dealt with 3 different providers and have never been overly happy with the way they deliver their training. Quite often it’s easy to overlook the small meaningful details that are required to produce wonderful hairdressers. HAHA does not, I never knew training could be so in-depth but delivered in a clear concise way. Their passion for the industry and the need for well-trained hairdressers is clear.

HAHA run competitions and get the trainee’s involved in all aspects of the industry. They are always being asked to get involved in different events to build their skill set and try new and different things. I have never seen my students more motivated and goal driven.  The quality of their training speaks for itself. 2 of the apprentices that HAHA have trained are now working with some of the biggest names in the industry as part of The Fellowship for British Hairdressings Project X and Colour Project. Another of our students that was taught previously at Southdowns’ college had a really low skill set when she started at HeadRomance, luckily her passion for the industry was clear from the start and HAHA set to work on re training her. She is now one of the biggest earners in the salon and is trained in all aspects of the industry, from colour, extensions, session and editorial work. HAHA have inspired her to continue her education and training to become an assessor (Paige will be starting this soon).

“It’s nice to know our apprentices are receiving the best education from some of the best educators in the county in a passionate driven environment. It is truly marvellous witnessing the growth of our young team with the help of these remarkable people”.
I have worked with many other training provider and been approached by copious training academies in the area and I could not think of any one better to be crowned 2015’s Training academy of the year.

Peter Gibbs
Director at Headromance

Personal Statement from Imogen Gerrish - Level 3 Hairdressing Apprentice & Level 2 Barbering

I started at HAHA training academy in 2013 and begun my Level 2 course.  However, I changed salons and my new salon changed my training provider to a different college. 

In this new college I didn't receive any individual training and I felt wasn't achieving my goals, which led me to move back to haha training academy and since then I've achieved my Level 2 in ladies hairdressing and Level 2 in barbering,

I am also working towards my Level 3 hairdressing and recently took part in haha's own internal hair competition and came 2nd place. 

I feel as if I can rely on my tutors at haha to assess me when needed inside my workplace and at the training centre.


Imogen Gerrish
Level 3 Hairdressing Apprentice & Level 2 Barbering

Personal Statement from Poppy Tremain – Level 3 Hair Apprentice

I started at HAHA hair academy in 2013 after deciding that my previous career wasn't right for me. I'm quite a creative person and I've always had such a flare for hairdressing since a young age, and coming from an all girl family I have always been experimental on the others.
I decided to do hairdressing at a later age as I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for me to get in to and would lead me on to further my dream as a hairdresser.

I then discovered HAHA hair academy and thought they were most suited to get me to where I wanted to be. HAHA Academy helped me find my first salon 'Pretty Green Natural Salon' back in 2013 which was a really good salon to kick start my career as a hairdresser and helped build my confidence up.

I've now been hairdressing for 2 years and have never looked back. Always being given opportunity by both my training academy and salon to progress and enter competitions and training courses up in London and attending award evenings.

Since Being an Apprentice with HAHA Hair Academy completing my Level 2 and currently finishing my level 3 in hairdressing I have achieved many goals and faced many challenges that they have set me. 

Some of them being; The winner of the internal competitions and being entered into the Blackpool National hair finals both in 2014 and 2015 both placing 4th & 5th out of 50 contestants. Both entering for the Avant Garde/ fantasy sector. I'm also attending upcoming men’s barbering courses with HAHA in the future to add to my salon services.

I was entered into the hair and beauty awards 2014 for Junior Stylist and Apprentice of the year. This gave me more drive and motivation to expand in my training with HAHA and was honoured to be nominated again this year. 

I have also in my Salon 'Medusa' been sent off on a variety of courses up in the Goldwell academy and has helped me gain more confidence and experience in the hairdressing industry and I thrive on attending upcoming courses. I thank my Salon 'Medusa Hairdressing' for giving me the opportunity's and having faith in me to do so.

I am currently on shop floor in my salon as a graduate junior stylist working a full time week running a back to back column every day and have built up a reliable consistent clientele. My services I provide go from colouring, cutting, hair ups and added services available in the salon,  My favourite area in hairdressing I love is colour and in the future id love to focus on training courses in helping me climb the ladder to being a colour technician and expanding my knowledge in colour.

I'm so glad I took the opportunity to become a hairdresser and I actually love knowing that I'm doing something I love and feel so passionate about day in day out, and no for certain that I will never look back. I have HAHA Hair academy to thank for opening these doors for me and finding me placement of work and the opportunities they have given me and making me feel comfortable as a student. By far the best training academy in Hampshire and would highly recommend to anyone that wanted first class training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poppy Tremain
Level 3 Hair Apprentice

Personal Statement from Carrie Spridgeon Level 3 Hair Apprentice

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t become anything!! I began work in October 2013 and from then I began to build my confidence, not just at work but within my personal life.

Personally, I was going through some difficult times, my colleagues and my Educator at HAHA training who were so helpful and made me feel so much better about everything in my life – I was able to focus on the things that were
important and move on. I love them and thank them for this support.
From this point I have looked forward, for the first time I can say proud of myself.  I have rebuilt my life completing my Level 3 Hairdressing.
Thank you to everyone who believed in me and has helped me- I couldn’t have achieved it without you all.


Carrie Spridgeon
Level 3 Hair Apprentice

When I first started hairdressing I never imagined myself picking up a pair of scissors or even dealing with a client by myself. When I started a Couture I was nervous but excited at the same time, 

Once I started at couture my training started immediately, I started learning basic blow drys, Billy had me doing them on the shop floor straight away. I'm keen to learn more and can't wait to go into level 3.

HaHa training have been amazing from the start and I always look forward to Sue coming over to the Isle of Wight to work with me 1-1 in the salon, Sue has helped me progress massively and helped with theory work. She leaves me homework to do and helps me be organised. I always feel I've learnt a lot when sue has left and use the knowledge she passes on to me in everyday hairdressing. She prepares me for my exams and I enjoy going to HaHa training to do them.

I owe HaHa training a huge thank you for all hey do for me and I look forward to Level 3, they keep learning fun and exciting. im excited for what's to come and am very thankful to have so many caring people around me. in the 10 months I've been at Couture I have loved every single minute. I look forward going to work and am excited for the future. 


Jack Wharton Level 2 Hair Apprentice
Couture Salon, Isle of Wight

Debby Couzens – Youth Worker TMSS

Dear Sir, Our Service is currently are using HAHA for Training Provider for young people age 14 - 16 yrs old where they are accessing Hairdressing Level 1 and Two qualifications. The students have flourished and grown in themselves since attending and they enjoy all the different aspects of Hair Styles and about the Hair Industry. They attend twice a week and they also have the opportunity to access work experience in local salons alongside the course. Haha also offer the opportunity for Post 16 students to go on to Apprenticeship or Traineeships which my students are going to attend when leaving full time Education. The staff are very welcoming and a pleasure to work alongside with, and will go the extra mile to support students and myself. I would recommend this Training Centre for young people in the city and surrounding areas to attend. Debby Couzens Youth Worker TMSS

Debby Couzens
Youth Worker TMSS

I left school at 16 and went to Highbury to study Hairdressing. My attendance and motivation at school was pretty bad. I left Highbury after a month as I didn't like the way they taught, I felt as though I was being treated as if I was still at school. I went on to try different training providers within the Portsmouth area but didn't find them much helpful or welcoming.

After feeling demotivated by all of the above, Haha Academy had opened in Portsmouth. I went in for a informal interview where I discussed my career options and goals. I found everyone at Haha very helpful and understanding.

Haha helped me find my salon where I could finally start my apprenticeship and achieve what I had longed to do for such a long time. Since being at Haha my attendance has improved immensely I attend the academy every week, my motivation for working and learning a new skill has helped me meet my personal goals. I have completed my level 2 in womens hairdressing and currently working towards finishing my level 3 in womens hairdressing, aswell as taking on a level 2 barbering course which I do in my own time at Haha.

I am now working at Haha as a junior stylist running a column. My column involves colouring, cutting, styling, putting hair up and working on reception. I am working hard on building my column using social media w The Academy always has various courses running colour correction

Daisy Oneill
Junior Stylist

Our Service has been working alongside HAHA Training Academy for the last two years.

Their whole empathic approach to our students’ age 14-16 years old have had a big impact on their learning style.

Our students have many complex of needs and home life backgrounds, some have had also bad experiences in learning in fulltime education.

The tutor who teaches our students goes the extra mile in supporting them in the Salon/Classroom setting and the delivery of session which has taught our students , good behaviour in the work place with good working boundaries , good hairdressing knowledge/ hairdressing skills, which some of our students are continuing on to Apprenticeships with HAHA when leaving fulltime Education.

Our students enjoy attending the two weekly sessions and they have built up a good strong relationship with all staff from Senior Management to trainees at the Academy.

They have been treated with respect and caring approach which has given them a sense of belonging in the Academy, this has lead them to achieve high attendance every session when they had low attendance at school.

HAHA Training Academy Post 16 option has had a big impact for them being offered them the opportunity to go straight into Traineeship/ Apprenticeship , before this was offered we could only direct them to local colleges for further education and they could not always not accommodated our students.

I have enjoyed the last two years working closely alongside HAHA within my working role on being support for our young people and tutor in both sessions, for which I have witness the change of our young students to who have grown into confident Hairdressers to whom will be an asset in the Hairdressing Industry.

Testimonial from TMSS for Training Centre of Excellence Award.
Targeted Mentoring Support Service, Harbour School Fratton.

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